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From nurturing a simple photography hobby, I've transitioned into the dynamic world of the corporate creative space.

Over the years, I've meticulously honed my skills, elevating them to a professional level.

Now, I bring a wealth of expertise and experience, always fueled by an unwavering passion for capturing life's most elusive and meaningful moments with precision and creativity.

Headshots - hospitality - EvENTS - products

Portraits and Headshots


Corporate Events


Jo Malone Cologne resting on a female finger, slightly tilted. With a brown silky background.

Valeria P.

Global Hospitality Services

five of five star level

His professionalism knowledge and creativity truly shined during our shoot. He effortlessly captured our company’s essence, delivering high quality material that exceeded our expectations.


Javier M.

Assistant Aura Manager

Rania E.

Manny A.

Meetings and EventsTeam Leaderr

Audio Visual Technician

Simon G

Client Services / Events Coordinator

five of five star level
five of five star level
five of five star level
five of five star level

Baja’s knowledge and attention to detail are top notch, he knew what to do and where to stand and pose. The results were quick with a great quality in the edition. I will definitely repeat.

I had a delightful experience in our session. He was giving me instructions on how the photos should look and it was really hard to pick a favorite in the end. His guidance, energy and positivity made the whole experience memorable.

With a patient and collaborative approach, he navigates client interactions with ease, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience that brings their vision to life through his lens.

Since the moment I walked into his studio I was put at ease by Baja’s soft nature and professional approach. The pictures gave me the results I was looking for: Classic Business but modern and slick. While highlighting my best features they still are true reflection of myself. Baja is a great photographer through and through.


Don’t you hate it when something you want doesn’t include the price? Luckily for you, I am super transparent and here are my prices.


£55 per person

(retouch £20 per person)

Editorial + retouch included £150

Personal Branding £155 (retouch £20 per photo)

Corporate Events

1-3 hours £200 (light edit + 90% of the photos will be delivered)

Full day £550 (light edit + 90% of the photos will be delivered)


Corporations - Businesses - Organisations

Compass Group

Restaurant Associates

Rapport Guest Services

Wok to Walk

Wok on Fire

Tates Cashmere

MCO - Mongolian Community Organisation

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